2007 Pictures Added

Just updated some pictures from the 2007 party…really need some help, all I have left are the 2006 party pictures, and then I think that’s all I got, so if you have some picutres from our parties please get them to me.


Past Party Page

Hi there…I’ve added the Past Parties section to this blog.  Now you can look back at all the good old zucchini times.  I’ve put up pictures from 2008.  Watch for updates on the 2007 and 2006 parties.

If you are a past participant and have pictures that should be included, make sure you send them to me at my new gmail account:

Email us at zukeblog@gmail.com

In an effort to really get this site going, I need zucchini recipes, and all sordid secrets from other parties.  Send me your zucchini growing tips too!!  I will be adding my famous zucchini recipe….”zucchini soup” to the site shortly…I think I’ve taken that zucchini recipe to the party twice now!!

If you have a favorite zucchini recipe make sure you send it along!!

The Classic Zucchini Cookbook

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Hello Zucchini Enthusiasts

This is our new zucchini blog!!!  Yes, after 20 years of the Big Friggin Zucchini Contest, things are a changing.  This year brought us a facelift to our beloved trophy, and also a new way of posting our event.

Twenty Years

Twenty Years

A New Look

A New Look

We’re just starting out, so keep coming back to see what we come up with.  If you are a past participant and want to update us with information or pictures from past years, please e-mail us information so we can complete our records.  I will add a g-mail address where you can send me updates.